How much do Vet Techs make and what is their focus?


Many people are curious about the salary of the profession they are interested in. This is also common when it comes to the profession of vet techs and veterinary assistants. Veterinary techs perform medical tests under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian to help diagnose the illness and injuries of animals. Curious to know about a vet tech’s salary, I asked many people how much do vet techs make. Their reply puzzled me. Some vet techs are making $16 an hour while some could earn up to $25 an hour. We know that any salary depends upon your knowledge, qualifications, skills and most of all the experience. Vet tech’s salaries are no exception.

As per BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), projected growth is 30% from 2012 to 2022. In 2014 the median pay was around $44,300. NAVTA’s (North American Veterinary Technician Association) 2014 survey says, “With the median annual income for full-time, year-round workers in 2014 at $36,278 and $47,127. Technician’s salaries have consistently outpaced inflation.”


How much do Vet Techs make

Veterinary assistants are animal caretakers. They care for the well-being of animals by performing routine tasks under the supervision of veterinarians, scientists, and veterinary technologists in the clinic. The same rule applies for veterinary assistant in terms of salary and benefits. They earn depending on their degree, experience level, and position.

Another important factor in determining vet tech’s and vet assistant’s salary is location. One working in urban areas and large cities earn more. Of course, large cities have greater living expenses as well. Wealthier clients often live in big cities; and there are more pets to treat as a result. On the other hand, rural and small areas may have fewer people and pets but there is often more work with larger animals like horses and cattle etc.

The salary can also depend on which field of veterinary medicine that you work in. If you work with small and companion animals like cats and dogs, you are likely to earn more than in the case of large animals like cows, buffaloes; there are more smaller animals being billed for services at the veterinarian office.

Salaries of both vet techs and vet tech assistants are somewhat low initially but once you gain experience in the organization, your salary will rise quickly. Furthermore, improvement in your work responsibilities and upgrading your education will help increase your salary level. It may take some time for you to get a promotion but you will be promoted and your pay will rise.

There are certain non-financial benefits that both vet techs and assistants receive. These benefits can include health insurance, paid time off, sick leave, profession liability insurance, continuing education and training to maintain their industry credentials. Benefits are offered by veterinary practices with most in line with other vocations and jobs offering standard medical and benefits coverage to stay competitive with other employment pursuits.

From this article, you have learned about the salaries of vet techs and vet assistants. If you are thinking of a career as a vet tech or vet assistant, you need to think about the financial and non-financial benefits. Work hard in terms of education and experience and you will surely succeed. For this, hard work, commitment, and devotion play significant roles.

Vet Tech Salary

What you need to keep in mind is not only comparing the salary. A hospital may pay you $16 per hour with extra benefits or advantages and another may pay $23 per hour with no additional benefits. The first option may be beneficial in terms of converting non-financial benefits into their respective value.

Either path is fine as your main goal is to become proficient at providing medical and support care to animals under the supervision of a professional Veterinarian. That in itself is very rewarding and many do not get to experience that kind of immediate gratification each day.

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